Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 Feedback Hub in 2016 to all Windows 10 users, and the service plays a key role in ensuring the quality of each Windows 10 release and its bundled apps, with Microsoft using it to collect feedback from Windows 10 Insiders.

It seems however other Windows 10 users see it only as another forum to litter with spam, trolling and scams.

So reports CataclysmZA on Reddit, who posted the following examples:

It likely takes a form of mental illness to see the Feedback Hub as a reasonable route for political commentary, which means many of the comments and posts lack coherence or much evidence of sense.

Interestingly if you report 3 spam posts you have to take a 5 minute time out before you can make any further reports, suggesting that at some point Microsoft was overwhelmed by the large number of reports.

Of course, most Windows 10 users never get anywhere close to the Feedback Hub, but we certainly have to feel sorry for Microsoft engineers who have to wade through the mess to get to the real bug reports. Maybe this explains all the issues we have been having recently…