The US Army deploys Microsoft Teams to increase social distancing


8, 2020

In this day and age security concerns have more or less flown out the window, but some segments of the workforce still need to pay particular attention to the safety of their communication.

We have seen immature and insecure tools such as Zoom being used widely in government, and we have also seen a growing backlash against its use as people consider their options.

It seems on this occasion the US Department of Defence made the right choice, and chose to deploy Microsoft Teams instead, reports Windows Central, based on a tip they received.

The work is being done by the Defense Enterprise Office Solutions (DEOS) which has previously in an $8 billion contract,  settled on Microsoft’s software as the default back-end solution for the Department of Defence, beating out G-Suite, and the work is being managed by VAR General Dynamics Corp.

The work is not related to the disputed JEDI contract, though it seems to me to be the wrong time to delay the digital transformation of the military with a court case which, if Amazon won, would ultimately only add friction to the operation of the US Department of Defence.

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