In the spirit of Halloween, The Sims 4 series is currently on sale on PC and macOS, with the base game, multiple DLC packs, and Build A Bundle feature all having a hefty discount.

All Expansion Packs, the Vampire Game Pack, and the Spooky Stuff Pack are all 50% off. The base game, which is included with Origin Access, is also on sale at 60% off, with the price varying slightly based on whether you want the basic version or the Digital Deluxe pack.

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To make navigating the Origin store a little less confusing and to make it easier to choose which Pack you want, I’ve rounded up all the on-sale Packs below:

The only expansion pack that isn’t on sale is the upcoming Discover University pack, which will be coming to PC and macOS on November 15th and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on December 17th.

If you’re trying to decide which Expansion Pack might be the best for you, you’ve come to the right place! City Living, Cats & Dogs, Seasons, and Island Living are my personal favourites, as I feel they add the most to the base game. Get To Work is also good for those who want a more fleshed out career path.

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The Vampires Game Pack is also pretty excellent, adding the Vampire life state to the game along with a brand new residential area, skills, and items.

The Vampire life state is also a well balanced gameplay mechanic, with vampires having to take Weaknesses along with their Strengths, meaning you can’t have an overpowered Dracula on your hands. Plus, hey, it’s almost Halloween – treat yourself!

The Expansion Pack discounts are also reflected in the Build A Bundle price. You can currently get an Expansion Pack, Game Pack, and Stuff Pack for just a few pennies dearer than the normal price of an Expansion Pack, so you’re basically getting two Packs free!

Just note that the Bundle price doesn’t change if you add Vampires or Spooky Stuff, so it might be wiser to include non-discounted Game and Stuff Packs in the bundle and pick up Vampires and Spooky Stuff separately.

Note: All Packs require the base The Sims 4 game to function and won’t work as standalone games.