The Savior from Finland

Before I start I want to say that I think most of the reporting on Windows Phone in the gadget media has been quite positive.  More than positive in many cases.  While most of the general population still equates Windows Phone with Windows Mobile the tech media has been largely fair to Microsoft’s platform.  But there have been some very strange misconceptions about Windows Phone lately, and I want to address the largest one.

Nokia Windows Phones will save us.  I am not quite sure what people think why Nokia’s first attempt at Windows Phones will be the same as the Second Coming of Christ.  I will admit that Nokia has a way with design and I totally expect their take on Windows Phone to have the nicest hardware of any manufacturer.  But they aren’t going to be any different than the other Windows Phones that have been announced for Q4.

They are all going to have processors with single cores that top out at around 1.5 Ghz.  They are all going to have screens with resolutions not exceeding WVGA.  While they may have modifications on the OS (Pure font anyone?) it will be for the most part the exact same OS.  And all this hype is just going to turn into disappointment.  If you aren’t impressed by the Titan, you wont be impressed with Nokia’s Windows Phones.

And lastly, all the rumored phones have screens under 4 inches.  And I’m sorry Nokia but unless that is incorrect; deal breaker.

Perhaps next year when Nokia gets the Windows Phone train moving they will be able to differentiate themselves in hardware and even in their software tweaks to make Nokia’s Windows Phones that much different from the handsets that HTC, Samsung and LG are putting out.  But now is not that time.  And I’m afraid that this excitement about Mango is going to be replaced with dissapointment.

And BTW Kyle Wagner from Gizmodo; Mango is not in any way “battery-unfriendly.”  I personally get better battery life from my Focus after updating to 7.5.  I believe when you say that “the phone would be dead before it finished powering on” you are referring to Android.  🙂



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