The Samsung Galaxy S10 might have one of the best in-display fingeprint sensors

September 10, 2018

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Samsung is preparing for a Galaxy S10 launch in the first months of the next year, and the device will allegedly have an in-display fingerprint sensor.

In display fingerprint sensors aren’t new, but they are still somewhat finicky. Android OEMs are rushing to them in hopes of eliminating the fingerprint sensor for bragging rights and the removal of bezels.

The Galaxy S10 will reportedly ship with a third generation Qualcomm ultrasonic processor, a sensor that is more advanced than what current OEMs are using — it’ll, in fact, be the first time we see the sensor in action.

This sensor can read prints through glass which is up to 800 microns thick, meaning Samsung can work on durable display technology without worrying about the fingerprint sensor.

As this is still a rumour, for now, there aren’t any more details — and Samsung can hardly be expected to it confirm or deny. Instead, well keep an ear to the ground and see what pops up regarding the S10 as the launch date approaches.

Source: ETNews Via TechRadar

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