The Office app for Windows 10 is getting a big update

by Surur
April 23, 2021
office app

On the Microsoft 365 Admin centre Microsoft has announced a big update coming to the Office app on Windows 10.

Microsoft has unified the Office Suite apps on iOS and Android into a single Office app, and have a similar app for Windows 10, but the app is not very functional.

The app at present serves as a location to collect your recent documents, and if you have the full Office suite installed, when you click on such a document it is opened in the Word or Excel app for example, and if you do not, the document is opened in a browser window.

The coming update will let you open the document directly in the Office app, with the PWA version of Word or Excel for example being hosted directly in the Office app.

Microsoft is also promising other improvements to the Office app, with performance expected to improve to native levels, and with the ability to open multiple instances of the app, needed since the Office app will now be hosting documents.

The new features are expected to roll out in June this year.

via DrWindows, WindowsUnited.

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