Wireless charging is now all the rage for active styluses, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pen and Apple Pencil only being two examples.

The FCC filing for the new Surface Pro 7 pen suggests this feature may also be coming to the Surface Pen.

The filing shows the device has a charging coil, an essential feature of wireless charging. The Surface Pen already attaches magnetically to a Surface – wireless charging would mean there is now a specific charging zone on the Surface where the pen will need to nestle.  The change should also do away with the need to purchase AAAA batteries.

We have already seen the pen will also support Bluetooth Low Energy, which should mean longer battery life.

Other rumoured features of the new Surface Pen include a u-shaped clip with varying conductivity along its length, so it can double as a scroll wheel.  Using just finger motions, you can change pages and zoom in and out using your finger.

Microsoft’s patent titled ‘Active Stylus Motion Vector’ was published by USPTO back in February, which describes improvements in accuracy compared to previous models.  The improvement in accuracy is due to utilisation of motion vectors exactly where the stylus is projected.

The Surface Pen, unfortunately, won’t be included with the Surface Pro 7, but will be sold separately.  We’ll see the official reveal at Microsoft’s Fall event on October 2nd.

via The Verge