The latest in Brain Tumor wear


I know people can be attached to their device, but this is just ridiculous. I never thought someone with go as far as paying for a headset that physically attaches your device to your head.


The guys at Engadget had a chance to try out the new Bluetooth replacement and they are giving it the thumbs up. They say its comfortable, cheap, and easy to use. Well I think its a waste of time, and just one more thing that is not needed in a world that is already crowded with pretty geeky stuff, for example this headset can be called geeky beyond believe, but cool. 

The use of a Bluetooth is to make having a phone call not get in your way, keep your brain safe from the wireless waves, and for some businessmen… look good. This new thing does 1/3 of those, and that does not really make the $14 price tag worth it when you could have a retro headset for $30.

Would you wear this?