The FCC is testing a new generation MagSafe charger for the iPhone 13

by Surur
September 7, 2021

Apple appears to be working on a new and presumably improved MagSafe charger for the next-generation iPhone 13.

The charger has passed through the FCC and the regulatory agency notes that it was tested with the “legacy” iPhones (which has the same model as the iPhone 12) and also 4 models of the “new” iPhone, which is presumably the iPhone 13.

Desired improvements include stronger magnets, and possibly faster charging.

One image also teases that a new Airpods charging case may also be Magsafe compatible, though of course the case may simply be resting on the charging pad.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 13 and its range of accessories some time in the next few weeks, which should reveal all soon.

via Dave Zats, PhoneArena

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