TG01 WMPoweruser ROM (In Progress With new Tool)

by WenWP
March 12, 2010

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image I know it has been months since I last made a post talking about this, but thanks to one awesome XDA member, we are cooking. The member goes by the codename cedesmith, and after what seemed like years, he has finally finished his TG01 ROM Tool. The tool is available to the general public to try and get their own ROM going, but rest assured, WMPoweruser is committed to bringing you the first cooked TG01 ROM.

I already contacted two of our many fine cooks, and they are already working on it. They just got their hands on the tool, and they will give me the verdict tomorrow. Remember, they are cooking pretty much blindly, because they do not own a TG01, and the software is a little unusual to them.

I will post more on this as the news comes in, but at this time. I am still waiting on the verdicts from my cooks, and once we have that. They will be make a test ROM, and we will need some testers. Maybe I will have it a private test by people I select.

That is neither here or there, but just know this. Wen, and WMPoweruser are working on it.

Visit the thread that contains the chatter.

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