In September Tesla launched new simplified solar power offerings which make it quicker and easier to order a solar energy system, be it a solar roof or conventional solar panels, for your home.

That system is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes, and today Tesla unveiled a new option – X-Large, which at 15.2 kW offers  58-77 kWh per day and costs $27,365 with incentives.

tesla solar

Being in the large side, as can be seen in the illustration above, it is only suitable for homes 4,000 sq ft home and above, and who are already paying around  $340-$460 /month for electricity.

The Solar system is also available under Tesla’s new lease offering for only $195 per month.

The system is not a solar roof, which replaces your roof tile with solar tiles, but a separate roof-mounted solar system.

Tesla warns that the 30% Federal Tax Credit expires at the end of this year, so now may be the best time to invest in Tesla Solar.

Check out the offering here.

Via Electrek