The electric car revolution is decidedly on the way in Europe, with EVs taking increasing market share from traditional Internal Combustion Engine cars there.

The latest evidence of this is the Tesla Model 3 storming the charts in the Netherlands. Industry publication Autorai reports that the Tesla Model 3 has been the most popular new car by far in November this year, taking 10.1% of the market with 3,979 being sold:

Five most registered models November 2019

  1. Tesla Model 3 – 3,979 units – 10.1 percent market share
  2. Volkswagen Polo – 1,430 units – 3.6 percent market share
  3. Renault Clio – 1,096 units – 2.8 percent market share
  4. KIA Niro – 1,059 units – 2.7 percent market share
  5. Toyota Aygo – 1,012 units – 2.6 percent market share

The performance of the vehicle also takes the brand to the second most popular in the country of 17 million.

Five most registered brands November 2019

  1. Volkswagen – (4,496 units) – 11.4 percent market share
  2. Tesla – (4,116 units) – 10.4 percent market share
  3. Renault (2,553 units) – 6.5 percent market share
  4. KIA (2,538 units) – 6.4 percent market share
  5. Toyota (2,476 units) – 6.3 percent market share

The Tesla market share numbers are not just a flash in the pan either, as the Tesla Model 3 is expected to be the most popular model for the whole year once all the numbers are tallied.

The RAI Association expects this performance to continue into 2020, with 10% of cars going forward being EV. I suspect this underestimates the sea change already occurring.  Telsa is currently in the process of setting up a new Gigafactory in Berlin and expects to start selling home-grown EVs into the European market by the end of 2021.