Tesla’s EVs is the future of mobility, but with a starting price tag of least $35,000 they are still well out of the reach of the majority of drivers around the world.

Many are waiting for Tesla to release an affordable mass-market car, and Tesla China may just have given us our first look.

Tesla recently made an announcement on its official WeChat account, which read, “Tesla is waiting for you.  Chinese-Style Tesla will sweep the world.”

The post was an advertisement, in which Tesla is looking for outstanding design talents to create original Chinese-style Teslas.

The interesting part is that post showed off Tesla’s full existing range and also a new, never seen before compact mode.

That car has the following caption:

“Let the most beautiful Chinese art be integrated into the future-oriented Teslas.”

The post also encourages application by designers with bold ideas -even those who don’t work with cars- to design the final model alongside Tesla.

At the launch of Tesla’s new Chinese Gigafactory, Elon Musk said Tesla would be opening a design studio in China to work on a uniquely Chinese model. The above vehicle may be exactly that – an affordable, mass-market car for the massive Chinese market, and possibly the rest of the world too.

Of course, the final design would likely benefit from some doors, hence the call for designers.  Interested designers have until February 1st of this year to e-mail [email protected],com.

Source: Teslarati