Tesla delays roll-out of Full Self-Driving Beta to qualifying drivers once again!

by Surur
October 9, 2021

Elon Musk rightly has a reputation for working on ‘Elon time‘ which is always longer than you expect, even if you account for it.

After promising on Thursday to roll out their Full Self Driving beta feature to qualifying drivers on Friday, the CEO of Tesla once again announced a further delay.

Reportedly due to “last-minute concerns”, the roll-out has supposedly only been delayed a few days, but of course, we have heard this before.

Of course, we can’t really fault Tesla for being super-careful in how they roll out the Full Self-Driving beta. While the feature is called Full Self-Driving,  it still requires a high level of supervision and arguably is rather dangerous without such supervision. What we can fault them for is constantly making promises they are failing to keep.

Are any of our readers in the FSD beta queue? Let us know your experience below.

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