Less than a year after breaking ground, Tesla has been granted permission to start selling Tesla Model 3 cars produced in China at the Gigafactory 3 to the Chinese market.

Tesla China has been building Model 3 inventory in the run-up to the announcement, after starting trial production in the middle of October, and appears to have built up quite a collection of cars, as seen in this video by JayinShangai  below:

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The news was confirmed by BJNews.com.cn who wrote:

In addition, Tesla’s pure electric car TSL7000BEVAR0 is also among the auto, motorcycle, and three-wheeler manufacturers and products approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on December 6 (batch # 326).

As part of the approval for sale, Tesla China was also included in the EV subsidy scheme with a generous level of support.

Each car is expected to receive the support of around 24,750 yuan ($ 3,500). Tesla has been unusual for being allowed to manufacture vehicles without entering into a partnership with a local company, normally a prerequisite for entering the Chinese market.

Tesla has said they aim to produce 3000 vehicles per week eventually and in the short term 1000 vehicles per week by the end of the year. Tesla is expected to be aiming for more than 100,000 shipments in the current quarter.

Via Tesmanian