Tap to Share may come to Android 13

by Surur
January 11, 2022

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Android 12 is rolling out, which means it is time for Android 13 rumours to start rolling in.

The upcoming Tiramisu-codenamed update is expected to bring a number of new features, and the latest being rumoured is a new Android to Android tap to share feature.

Reportedly when you are playing media and you are around other Android 13 devices you will be prompted to bring your device closer, and if you wish, tap the other device (which could be an Android phone, tablet or Chromecast device).

If you tap the device the media would be transferred to the other device, likely via UWB. This is of course similar to the Tap to Share app which was popular on iPhones 10 years ago.

Other rumoured features include Bluetooth Low Energy Audio for improved and more stable Bluetooth audio streaming, Panlingual, the ability to set your device language per app, and the ability to disable Phantom Process Killer, which kills apps running in the background.

The first developer previews for Android 13 are expected in February 2022, with a release around October 2022.

via PhoneArena

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