Taiwan parliament has moved its entire proceedings online with Microsoft Teams

June 5, 2020

Microsoft Teams Taiwan Parliment

In order to cope with COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, Taiwan’s 10th Legislative Yuan (parliament) has moved its entire proceedings online with a new solution that combines Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Power Platform. Legislative Yuan members can use Microsoft Teams to collaborate securely and safely with other elected members.

In this new solution, PowerApps are used to create sign-in forms with MFA. After secure sign-in process, members can enter their personal data and meeting information. PowerApps will then upload this info to the SQL server, using Power BI to visualize and plug data into Teams. Power BI also presents the order of speakers based on the data shared by legislative members. Current speakers are pinned on the screen in Microsoft Teams to achieve order and clarity during the meeting.

Microsoft recently announced several new features for Teams, check them out in the video below.

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Source: Microsoft

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