Tablet OEMs are turning to Windows 8 after Android tablet failure

METRO_Ballmer-Tablet2Digitimes reports that OEMs are turning to Windows 8 and Intel chipsets for future tablets, after Android-powered tablets fail to catch on with consumers.

Numerous OEMs have been disappointed with poor sales of non-iPad tablets, with Acer being the latest to cut sales forecasts by half. According to Digitimes vendors are blaming poor sales on the instability of Android and the compatibility issues found between Android 3.0 and 3.1.

Digitimes state that Intel and Microsoft have revealed a roadmap for Intel-powered tablets with low cost, low power 5W CPUs and Windows 8 to start delivering devices in 2012. 

Windows 8 promises to deliver a touch-friendly user experience while still preserving the full functionality of a PC, something buyers tend to demand with increased screen sizes.

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