Systematic error of Marketplace for Windows Phone: the b00b error

It would be funny if it wouldn’t be sad…

Myself and several other people (judging from comments on various blogs and Facebook) have a problem: trying to download TouchDevelop app from Microsoft but always getting the error above despite the fact that all other apps work fine and I have official version of the Windows Phone OS (and not a hacked Mango phone).

The error code exactly is “c101b00b” and is easy remember as it is “see LOL” (c101) and “boob” (b00b).

Commentary: I don’t understand why this problem (that may occur with other apps too, who knows, although I haven’t found any other such app) still has not been resolved by Microsoft. It’s as if it is not even noticed by Microsoft and Microsoft doesn’t bother. I want to be positive about situation but what should I do? Get Live ID from USA but the not being able to pay with my credit card from EU? Clearly it’s time for Microsoft to treat seriously such situations because iPhone 5 is being released soon (and it can overshadow upcoming Mango release as Microsoft is late with Mango) and users may lose patience …

Try your luck with the boob error by downloading TouchDevelop at Marketplace here.