SweetLabs Announces App Install Platform For Windows OEMs

Sweet Labs

SweetLabs, the company which created Pokki Android platform apps for Windows devices has now created a new App Install Platform for Windows OEMs to monetize their devices after the sale. The SweetLabs App Install Platform enables OEMs to optimize the delivery of apps on any device and capture their fair share of the multi-billion dollar app install market. From first boot, through the lifetime of the device, OEMs can increase revenues and improve the user experience by delivering the most relevant apps to your customers. Differentiate and increase device sales by offering new app install offers and incentives in real-time.

  • Increase per-unit margins by driving relevant app installs to your customers. Replace manual app bundling with dynamic provisioning and ongoing app recommendations to create new revenue streams.
  • Provide personalized and differentiated app offerings to your customers. Deliver unique and relevant apps to specific devices in specific channels, and optimize based on what actually resonates with your customers over time.
  • Reduce the costs and complexity of the traditional app preload process. Configure and optimize app delivery per device, region, and channel in real-time.

For Windows OEMs specifically,

PC App Store – Personalized app store of desktop and web apps, easily discoverable and downloadable with one click.
Windows Start Menu –Modern Windows Start menu replacement with integrated and highly engaging app install ads.
Dynamic Preload-  Dynamic provisioning of preloaded apps that appear on the home screen during initial system setup.
Custom integration – Use our APIs to plug app install ads into your own apps, widgets, and interfaces to create custom app discovery touchpoints.

Sweetlabs App Store 1 Sweetlabs App Store 2