Owners complain of Surface Pro 7 poor battery life : “worse than 6”

by Surur
November 18, 2019
surface pro 7

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When it comes to technology we naturally expect the newer product to be better in nearly every way than the earlier generation.

It seems in the case of the Surface Pro 7 Microsoft did not get that memo, as buyers of Microsoft’s latest high-end tablet report of Surface Pro 7 poor battery life well below expectation.

On Reddit one user notes:

Do we know WHY Surface Pro 7 battery life is worse than 6?

The CPU and RAM are more power efficient, and the rest has not changed much. It seems that battery life should at least be the same as the 5/6 but has gone down. Do we have any insight as to why? I would understand some if it was worse due to GPU tasks, with the IRIS GPU, but even just normal usage it seems people are saying they are getting noticeably less life.

Another complains:

Surface Pro 7 Battery Life (self.Surface)

So I got my Surface Pro 7 today and I used it to set everything up and just browse the internet for a while and watch a few videos on Youtube. To my surprise, the battery only lasted for about 5 hours… Which is a huge let down because one of the major reasons I got it was for the portability factor and the battery life

Microsoft has in fact already released a firmware update around a month ago to help with the issue, with Surface Firmware claimed to:

helps improve battery life.

The issues have however not been resolved, with some users on Microsoft Answers even blaming the issue itself on recent cumulative updates.

Microsoft claims the laptop offers 10.5 hours of mixed-use, but reviewers and end-users have struggled to get 6.  Have any of our readers had the same Surface Pro 7 poor battery life experience? Let us know below.

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