Steve Jobs to iPhone 4 users – you are doing it wrong

The right way to use the iphone 4

Steve Jobs explains the right way to hold an iPhone in your left hand.

Our first article yesterday was about the iPhone 4 flaws (and we then had 10 articles about Windows Phone) but we were not intending to revisit the device again so soon.

Apple’s response to the iPhone 4 reception issue however could not go without comment.  Steve Jobs and Apple have acknowledged that the phenomena is real, and instead of promising to fix it, is simply suggesting iPhone 4 users, who are holding the device naturally in their left hand, should refrain from doing that. In Steve Job’s own words “Just avoid holding it that way.”


The level of arrogance encapsulated in that simply sentence is mindboggling. Some may say it is earned by the company’s history of success, but I believe its more likely due to a history of Apple buyers knowingly overlooking the many ways they had previously to contort themselves to use the company’s products. This of course includes buyers falling over themselves to buy the handset despite never having good reception, and happily laying the blame on AT&T.

In a relationship that abusive, I unfortunately have to lay the blame as much on the buyers that accept it as the company that exploits them.

Shame on both.

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