Stephen Elop : Nokia’s advantage over other WP7 OEMs are their focus

by Surur
June 6, 2011

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freedevSpeaking at the Qualcomm Uplinq 2011 conference Stephen Elop discussed once again the reasoning behind his move to Windows Phone 7.

Most of it is familiar, but he does say things for once explicitly which we all wonder about quietly.  According to Anandtech’s transcript Stephen Elop note that all the OEMs that do Windows Phone 7 also do Android, and that while they take the time to keep  Android hardware competitive constantly with the latest SoCs and cellular basebands, they tend to leave WP7 in a  less competitive arena.

With Windows Phone 7 Nokia’s only focus they will hopefully move rapidly to the latest technology like dual core processors and 4G technologies. He also mentioned that Qualcomm was the exclusive Windows Phone 7 processor supplier, squashing rumours of an ST-Ericson powered device.

He also mentioned that Nokia had a wide remit to customize Windows Phone 7 as they saw fit, and that they will work to make free registration for developers possible on Windows Phone 7.

Read the rest of the interesting report at Anandtech here.

Thanks NotebookGrail for the tip.

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