Valve has revealed the next look for the Steam library UI, and it looks pretty damn amazing.

Posted on the official Steam blog, Valve detailed how the new library pages will work and how developers can edit pages.

The new look appears particularly more modern than the current archaic library appearance. Tiles are large and colourful, but there’s still the option of a list to the left-hand side should users want that.

Clicking on a game will show a lovely banner image with all the information you’d need placed below. It looks like a great step up from what Steam users are already used to; this new version simply adds a visual flair that the service desperately lacks.

Steam is urging developers to create new assets for the upcoming release of their new library, but there will be an attempt on Valve’s part to automate the process for those that don’t have time.

While there are other aspects of Steam that could also do with a new lick of paint, namely Workshop and forums, improving the Steam library UI is the most logical first step. After all, it’s where most users spend the most time.

What are your thoughts on the new Steam library UI? Do you prefer the look of the current version? Tell us in the comments below.