Stardock’s new game Star Control: Origins is now available for PCs



Stardock Entertainment has finally released its most anticipated game for PCs. Called Star Control: Origins, the game is set in the year 2088 when humans have discovered that they’re not alone in the universe.

The game starts with the character as the command the crew of the U.E.S. Vindicator. The objective of the game is to defend the human race against the aliens.

You and your crew are up against alien civilizations that have walked amongst the stars for millennium. But humans are very resourceful in their ability to adapt alien technology when the situation calls for it.

Star Control isn’t a game that tells you what to do. Where you go and what you do is up to you. Your decisions can affect the shape and direction of galactic events.

– Derek Paxton, General Manager of Stardock Entertainment

Apart from the primary objective of saving the planet, players will need to navigate through the universe and discover other civilizations. Stardock developed the new Cider game engine on top of Oxide Interactive’s Nitrous for Star Control: Origins. With Cider, Stardock was able to build its RPG on top of a galactic simulator, run by its own artificial intelligence.

In Star Control, exploration has a purpose. You aren’t just landing on planets or exploring new star systems for their own sake. You are The Captain and we have thousands of
stories we’re excited to tell you in this universe.

– Wardell

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Star Control: Origins is now available for $39.99 through StardockSteam, and GOG. You can check out their official website for more information about the game.


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