Starbucks claims their PWA is a massive success

by Surur
May 9, 2018

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We have not been the biggest fans of Progressive Web Apps, but it is a real movement which is thankfully also very cross-platform and driven by many other companies besides Microsoft, meaning it is likely the future of web apps.

Speaking at Google IO, Starbucks revealed that they are already seeing significant success by replacing their mobile app with a PWA, which Starbucks says offers a “great fast, integrated, reliable and engaging experience“,  including more engagement by offering the same app on the phone and on the desktop.

Starbucks reportedly say they doubled the number of people who used the website to place orders each day, with desktop users now ordering at about the same rate as mobile users.

This is of course exactly the result that Microsoft is hoping for, with users once again being willing to use their desktop for their computing needs rather than reaching for their phone.

Users can try out the PWA at and see Google talk about the PWA below.

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