Spyslide is a webcam cover that aims to protect your privacy

If you are like Mark Zuckerberg and tend to cover the webcam on your laptop to protect your privacy, you might be glad to know that there’s a new webcam cover that makes protecting your privacy much easier. Meet Spyslide, a new webcam cover that you can easily attach to your laptop’s webcam and protect your privacy. To “activate” it, you simply need to slide the cover and when you need to use your webcam, you can slide the cover¬†open.

The Spyslide is only 0.6mm thin, and it should work with any laptop — including the Surface Pro 4, and other Windows devices as well as MacBooks.

Here’s a video showing it off in action:

YouTube player

The Spyslide is also pretty cheap, you can get one unit of Spyslide for only 9 euros, or you can get three of them for 16 euros. Spyslide is actually on Indiegogo, where it has already reached its campaign goal, 20 days before it was supposed to end. We tried out the Spyslide recently, and it worked really nicely — setting up the cover only took a few seconds, and once it’s attached, you almost forget that it’s even on your laptop. The slider is pretty intuitive, and opening up the slider is really easy. For 9 euros, the Spyslide is a really neat device that can protect your webcam from spies, so if you’re concerned about things like this, make sure to get one for your laptop.

If you are interested, you can get one here. 

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