Around 3 weeks ago Spotify released an update for their Android app which removed their widget, arguing that there were numerous features, such as the notification shade entry, which allowed users to control Spotify music playback.

It seems however that Spotify miscalculated, as it appears many users loved using the widget, and following much protest Spotify has announced that they are planning to bring the widget back, saying:

Hey folks,

Thank you for your feedback.

We value your input and ideas, and wanted to let you know that we have made some improvements to the performance and visuals of the Android Widget. We will be reinstating it in an upcoming release on Android.

We’re always evolving and improving our app in order to provide the best experience, so keep watching this space.

Many users, of course, note that it seems unclear why they have to wait for Spotify to re-code the widget when they could just restore the deleted code, but the response is still a victory of sorts.

The change of heart is part of more companies listening to their end-users. Hopefully, Samsung will rethink that headphone jack removal also now…

Via WindowsUnited