Parents can now access their kids’ listening history in Spotify Kids app

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Back in October, Spotify announced a standalone kids app for Spotify Family users. The new Spotify Kids app was aimed at children and was available at no additional cost to Spotify Family users. Spotify today announced the availability of Spotify Kids app in Japan and Germany.

Spotify Kids

Today, Spotify announced that parents can access their kids’ “Listening History”. Also, parents can block individual songs or audio stories from appearing in the Spotify Kids app. Here’s how parents can control Spotify Kids listening history and block songs or stories in the app:

  1. Log into the “grown-ups” section of Spotify Kids.
  2. Tap the account you want to check out.
  3. Head to “Listening History.”
  4. From here, tap the “block” icon beside a track to hide it.
  5. Once hidden, that song won’t be visible anywhere in the child’s app.
  6. Note: Blocking a song only removes it from that child’s account so you can customize what each kid is able to listen to.
  7. You can unblock content at any time by revisiting the PIN-protected “Listening History” or “Blocked Content” and tapping the icon again.

Source: Spotify