SpaceX bans the use of Zoom amid privacy concerns

by Anmol
April 2, 2020

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SpaceX has reportedly banned its employees from using Zoom after researchers disclosed several Zoom related vulnerabilities. According to a report from Reuters, SpaceX sent out an email informing employees about the ban.

We understand that many of us were using this tool for conferences and meeting support. Please use email, text or phone as alternate means of communication.

– SpaceX (via Reuters)

With Zoom’s sudden rise to fame, the app has been under a microscope and that has uncovered several vulnerabilities in the app. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the company has been caught with its pants down. Back in 2019, a researcher uncovered a bug that allowed hackers to take control of webcams without the knowledge of the user.

Earlier EFF pointed out how hosts can monitor the participants and know if a window the Zoom window is in focus or not and if users record the video call, then Zoom administrators are able to “access the contents of that recorded call, including video, audio, transcript, and chat files, as well as access to sharing, analytics, and cloud management privileges”.

Zoom, on the other hand, has promised to fix the issue. Over the next 90 days, Zoom will be using all its resources to better identify, address, and fix security and privacy issues proactively. So, Zoom won’t be adding any new features in the next 3 months. It will also conduct a comprehensive review with third-party experts and representative users to understand and ensure the security of its service. Learn more about this announcement here.

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