SoulCalibur has always had a fantastic character creator and the new sixth entry (review coming soon) is no different. Things have gotten lewd in the land of souls, however, and players are using the creator to give their characters sausage and beans – for censorship’s sake.

Posted by Twitter user AltZero, the player discovered a custom Lizardman character with a huge scaly scrote and a big ‘ol shlong to match. It’s very impressive but would certainly split a lover in two. Wonderful? Yes. Hilarious? Definitely. Practical? Not a chance.

There are a large number of players also creating penile monstrosities like this one but SoulCalibur 6 has also created a fanbase of character creators who thankfully aren’t filthy degenerates. A recreation of Nier: Automata’s 2B, The Witcher’s Ciri and a horrendous BDSM Pingu are all highlights.

There’s no announcement from Bandai Namco regarding if these characters will see players being banned, but part of me hopes not. It’s playful fun and hopefully won’t go too far. You are all extremely messed up though.