PowerToys is a set of utilities first introduced by Microsoft in Windows 95, in order to let users modify some of the trickiest settings, without having any knowledge about Windows Registry.

After 17 years Microsoft introduced version three to Windows 10. One of the interesting things about version three of the tool is that it is open source and you can access all the codes on GitHub.

This first preview of PowerToys contained two utilities: the Windows key shortcut guide and a window manager called FancyZones.

Software Engineer at Microsoft, Jenmsft, just informed us of what will be included in PowerToys v0.12 in a post on Reddit:

With the first edition we announced a utility to manage snapping zones on your PC, as well as a windows key keyboard shortcut guide. This update comes with some fixes, as well as a new utility for batch renaming files. Thanks, as always, for your feedback!

Find more information on FancyZones, the backlog for the utility, and the source code.