Nintendo’s alleged cheaper, “more portable” version of their darling Nintendo Switch will be launching next fall, according to a Japanese newspaper.

Reported in Nikkei, a Japanese newspaper, the lighter console will be released sometime this fall. Unlike previous rumours, Nikkei is adamant that this newer iteration will still have the ability to be docked.

The also-rumoured more powerful version of Nintendo Switch is also mentioned. Nikkei described that there is a “next-generation” redesign that is in the works, but it won’t launch until after this smaller version.

Nikkei doesn’t state whether or not the Switch’s smaller version will have a clamshell design or not, but they do state that it will be cheaper. Other rumours have said that this new Switch will be clamshell in design, something I personally would love.

Nikkei’s in-depth report also says that Nintendo has seen issues, namely in the late Satoru Iwata’s “Quality of Life” sleep tracking project. After five years in development, it has been halted.

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What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch XS? Are you excited to have a smaller Switch in your hand? Or are you looking forward to a beefier system?

Source: GamesRadar