Skype buys GroupMe

imageSkype, who is in the process of being purchased itself by Microsoft, has just finalized its own purchase of GroupMe, the cross-platform group messaging client.

The year-old company has been raising a rapid following as a challenger to WhatsApp, and similarly uses data to send group messages, and also allow free conference calls to be set up.

GroupMe will be managed as a standalone brand, with the services being integrated over time, Skype CEO Tony Bates said.

“The group messaging space in general is one of the most important markets for Skype,” he told Techcrunch via a Skype video call earlier today. He added: “GroupMe creates a very sticky instant feeling. Like Skype, it is an everyday interactive form of communication. Skype’s goal is to get to 1 billion users. Mobile is the place to do that.”

GroupMe has a Windows Phone 7 client, but this was coded by an intern and is not feature-complete.  Hopefully with its impeding Microsoft ownership more priority will be given to a client which support all of the features of their service.

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