Skype announces improved video call experience in mobile apps

February 1, 2019

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With the latest v8.38.76.134 update, Microsoft is introducing improved video call experience for Skype Insiders. With this update, you can now get a clear video call with minimal distractions. When you are on a video call, you can dismiss all of the call controls by tapping once on the video. When you want call controls, you can bring them back by tapping once again.

All the important controls are now front and center, and others are available under the new “…” menu. Using this menu, you can access features like call recording and subtitles.

To make it easy for one handed audio device switching, in this update, you can see that the speaker and audio device button is now in the upper right, next to your own video. Also, Skype team has updated your video preview, it now appears bigger in one-to-one video calls.

Source: Microsoft

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