Sky is killing their Sky Go app for Windows

by Surur
January 30, 2018

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Today Sky Italy informed their Windows and Windows Phone users that their Sky Go app will no longer be available after the 19th March 2018.

The message was delivered via a pop-up in the app and also on their website and said the following:

From March 19, the Sky Go app for Windows Phone and Windows Tablet will no longer be available , because it will not be able to support subsequent updates of the service. The periodic updating is necessary to continue to guarantee a viewing experience of quality and to introduce new functions that respond more and more to your needs. Sky Go will continue to be available for:

  • iPhone and iPad with operating system equal to or higher than IOS 8
  • Smartphones and tablets with an Android operating system equal to or greater than 4.4
  • PC / MAC (log in  by clicking here )

It goes without saying that maintaining a Windows Phone app can be difficult to justify, but withdrawing the Windows 8 and Windows 10 app in favour of a clunky web experience is less easy to excuse and suggests Microsoft has not been able to convince companies that Store apps are worthwhile, and are still losing the battle against web apps.

The Sky Go app has always only been available in Italy. Will any of our readers miss it? Let us know below.


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