The new Microsoft Family Safety app will tell you when your kid is speeding (video)

by Surur
July 3, 2020

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Microsoft recently launched a preview of their new Microsoft Family Safety app designed to help protect your family with digital and physical safety.

This new app brings together cross-platform digital safety, such as screen time and content filters, with location sharing to help keep loved ones safe.

Today the company uploaded a video demonstrating the features of the app, which can be seen below:

YouTube player

As the video shows the level of monitoring is incredibly comprehensive.

The app supports:

Content filters: Create a safe space for your kids to explore online. Set healthy boundaries with web and search filters to block mature content and set browsing to kid-friendly websites on Microsoft Edge.

  • App and game filters
  • Web and search filters
  • Content filter requests

Screen time limits: Set screen time limits that work across devices. If you know your kids will be on devices longer for online learning, you can set limits on specific apps or games instead.

  • App and game limits (Xbox, Windows, Android)
  • Device limits (Xbox and Windows)
  • Screen time requests

Activity reporting: Get insights on your family’s digital activity and have a conversation about what it means. Parents and kids can both view kids’ activity reports of screen time, top websites visited, and terms kids are searching for online.

  • Activity summaries
  • Weekly email reports

Location awareness: Stay connected even when you’re apart. See loved ones on a map with location sharing and save places they visit most to know where family members are at a glance.

  • Location sharing
  • Saved places
  • Driving report

The app and service turn your phone into a managed device, where Edge can be made the default browser for example, and other apps such as Chrome and Safari can be blocked.

It will require a Microsoft 365 Family subscription, which costs $99.99 and comes with numerous other benefits.

With GPS tracking, app and web usage monitoring and even driving monitoring, I can see the service being godsent for helicopter parents.

What do our readers think of the service? Let us know below.

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