Intel is pushing for folding screen laptops to bring some excitement to the laptop market, and a new patent by Samsung may have just given us a look at their entrant.

The July 2, 2021 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) patent for a ‘Multi-foldable electronic device’ has just been published and it is a bit different from other folding screen laptops.

In the patent, Samsung uses the flexible screen to allow the laptop to fold into a compact block, presumably making it easier to stow.

The patent shows the screen folding while the keyboard splits into two pieces, both sides carrying their own battery.

The design features a latch to make the split keyboard rigid when open, and magnets to keep it closed when folded.

The patent does not of course mean the device will definitely come to market, and I am not sure what demand there is for a laptop that folds into a small but thick square.

What do our readers think of the concept? Let us know below.

via LetsGoDigital