Samsung working on a 3D Audio Binaural case for their smartphones



Samsung is working on a very unusual case for their smartphones.

A patent filed on the 4th April 2019, by Samsung Electronics with The Hague International Design System for a ‘Case for mobile phone’ shows in vivid detail a case with some very human ears on each end, with canals connecting the ears and the microphones of the device.

While the patent does not descibe the purpose of the case, the design suggests it has been created for making binaural recordings, which allows users to record stereoscopic 3D positional sound as if one is actually present, and then play it back using earbuds.

To see what that is all about, listen to the video below with headphones on.

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It is not known when Samsung will bring this fanciful accessory to the market, but it is sure to raise some eyebrows when used out and about.

Via LetsGoDigital.

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