Samsung updates Galaxy S10’s Bright Night feature to standalone Night Mode

April 18, 2019

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series of devices should be familiar with the Bright Night feature, which many had hoped to be a competitor to Google’s Night Sight camera mode on its devices or even Huawei’s Night Mode. However the feature turned out to be neither, and was at most just a means to take pictures in very, very, very low light whenever the phone deemed it necessary, without any of the advanced algorithms that the two aforementioned features offer.

Well luckily enough it seems as though Samsung has heard our cries, and has updated the Bright Night feature (which was actually just an extension of the Camera app’s Scene Optimizer mode) to its own standalone camera mode aptly named Night Mode. One of the biggest benefits here is that users now have the ability to select when and where they would like to use Night mode, as it is now a camera option along the lines of Photo, Video, Slow Motion, and Panorama.

Image: SamMobile

Right now this update has only been seen in Switzerland, but is expected to roll out to other users within the next few days. And it is being reported that this is currently just a standalone version of Bright Night, but hopefully Sammy will continue listening to its users and will continue to update Night Mode with more features.

Source: The Verge

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