Samsung to be biggest loser from Huawei’s reprieve, but not for the obvious reason

by Surur
June 29, 2019

Donald Trump today announced that he will allow US companies to once again trade with Huawei, which would immediately once again give it access to essential US components and operating systems like Android and Windows.

While it is likely that it will take a while before carriers and consumers trust Huawei again, this is an issue that the company can address with deep discounts and a PR offence, meaning it is likely that Huawei’s market share will bounce back again soon.

Prior to the recent kerfuffle, Huawei was already challenging Samsung for the world’s largest smartphone OEM, having already overtaken Apple, and Huawei was expecting to overtake Samsung by the end of the year.

This will likely have to wait, but there is one twist which is expected to make it easier for Huawei to regain their position.

In a now-deleted tweet, regular Samsung leaker Ice Universe revealed that Samsung has cancelled a number of innovative product lines, as they did not expect to be challenged significantly by Huawei over the next few quarters.

Ice Universe had earlier described the Note 10 as the best of the old generation full-bleed screens, while the Huawei Mate 30 will be the first of a whole new generation that wraps around all sides.

Samsung’s cameras are already a generation behind the periscope technology of Huawei’s best, and it seems the innovation gap will only continue to widen as Samsung is caught unprepared.

Of course, the political situation could change once again at a drop of a hat, though I suspect Huawei will continue to work to reduce their dependence on Western OEMs.

Even with the ban lifted, would our readers consider a new premium Huawei handset? Let us know below.

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