At a time when the definition of smartphone innovation means doing foldables or working towards making the foldable technology reliable and mainstream, Samsung has come with an interesting idea that solves many of the problems, for which the foldables claim to have a solution.

Samsung recently filed a patent for a smartphone, the display of which can expand, giving you more screen real estate when required. You can operate the patented smartphone in two states — open and closed. In the closed state, it’ll look like a traditional smartphone, while the open state means that the display of the smartphone is expanded to a comparatively bigger size.

A bigger screen smartphone has multiple use cases. For consumers, the obvious benefit of a smartphone with a bigger display is media consumption. There are many apps that also need a bigger display in order to be able to give you the best it has in store.

You’ll be able to increase or decrease the size of the display at will, thanks to the moveable backside plate, which you’ll be able to manipulate. The patented smartphone also has a quirky sensor that can recognize a change in the touch input coordinate in real-time to calculate the degree of increase or decrease of the display screen size(via Patentlymobile).

Just for a quick refresher, back in January this year, Samsung hinted at a stretchable smartphone. It’s not the first time though. Back in 2013, Samsung first teased a stretchable smartphone along with a foldable and a rolling display phone.

Samsung has managed to transform the foldable smartphone idea into a reality, and now the company seems to be actively working towards making the other two into a real product.