Samsung Omnia 2 the first multi-language Windows Mobile phone

omnia-2-multilanguage-1-297x495 omnia-2-multilanguage-3-495x408

The Samsung Omnia 2 continues to impress us.  Besides being the first AMOLED Windows Mobile smartphone, not to mention the first one with a dual flash and DVD-resolution video recording, it now appears it is the first Windows Mobile smartphone that can support 12 languages without having to flash a local ROM.

Changing the languages is a simple menu option, but does unfortunately involve a hard reset, but it is likely something which a buyer will need to do only once.

A facility like this has been part of a recent Windows Mobile 6.1 update, but it is not know if this is a feature implemented by Microsoft or Samsung independently. 

What this however means is that one could easily purchase an Omnia 2 more cheaply from another country and still have full functionality at home.


Thanks Niccolo for the tip.