One of the defining features of Samsung’s version of Android was that it offered every possible feature, even if they are hardly used anymore.

Samsung has however been working to remove the cruft from their smartphones, which means many services that have been present for a long time are now being deprecated.

The latest on the chopping block is are a number of car-related services: MirrorLink, Car Mode, and Find My Car, all superseded by Android Auto.

MirrorLink, which is a standard for mirroring apps to your car display, is being deprecated in June 1st, 2020. The service suffered from poor adoption by both car OEMs and also app developers, who needed to get their apps specifically certified to show they were not distracting to drivers.  The feature may work for current users for a while, but new users will not be able to activate it, and the feature may disappear with your next phone OS update.

Car Mode, which is a large-icon phone-based UI, is also being removed from the Google Play Store in June.

Samsung is also deprecating Find My Car, a smartwatch app which will use GPS to remember where you parked your car.

It seems Samsung expects we will all be locked down for a while longer and wont need to use any of these features.

Via XDA-Dev