Samsung announces LPDDR5X, a next-generation mobile DRAM with speeds of up to 8.5 Gbps


9, 2021

Author Pradeep // in News


Samsung today announced LPDDR5X, a next-generation mobile DRAM that will deliver improved speed, capacity and power savings when compared to LPDDR5 DRAM. Samsung revealed that the first 16Gb LPDDR5X DRAM will offer data processing speeds of up to 8.5 Gbps, which are over 1.3 times faster than LPDDR5’s 6.4Gbps.

Samsung LPDDR5X DRAM is built on the industry’s most advanced 14nm DRAM process technology and will consume 20% less power than LPDDR5 memory. Also, the 16Gb LPDDR5X chip will enable up to 64 gigabytes (GB) per memory package.

Samsung revealed that it will look to broaden its pacesetting mobile DRAM lineup with continuous improvements in performance and power efficiency, while also reinforcing its market leadership with greater manufacturing agility.

Source: Samsung

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