Samsung looking to get into Ring Video Doorbell’s market


10, 2018

Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell has become a sleeper hit, as more of us need to deal with e-commerce deliveries while we are not at home.

Now a Samsung design patent has revealed that the Korean company is also looking to get into the market, and as usual, the company intends to lean into its camera and screen expertise.

Their doorbell, which will likely work with Smartthings, features two different cameras (presumably with different field of views) and a small screen, allowing users to video chat if they prefer with people at their door.

It is not known when the device will hit the market, but given that it appears pretty full formed in the patent (which was filed on the 27th November 2018 and which can be seen here) I suspect it will not be too long.

Via LetsgoDigital

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