Samsung joins in mocking Apple’s charger-less iPhone 12


15, 2020

Apple announced their iPhone 12 range a few days ago, and besides adding a lot of new features, the device also removed a few items – in particular chargers and headphones in the box.

The move is ostensibly to be more environmentally friendly but has been met by derision by many on the internet.

Samsung has joined in on the fun on the internet, making the following post on Facebook.

There the company noted that not only does it provides basics like chargers, it also offers 120 hz screens and “the best camera, battery and performance”, though of course many would disagree about the later elements.

Xiaomi’s take was arguably executed even better and more hilariously.

It is of course correct that most of us have chargers for our new devices at home already, but there are two points which makes Apple’s move rather self-serving.

One is that as phone charging speeds evolve, older chargers simply do not deliver the best possible experience with new-generation devices.

Secondly, Apple would probably do a lot more for the environment by switching to USB-C connectors for their phones rather than their proprietary lightning port.

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