Samsung’s Galaxy Note regular is already seen as a lite version of its “real” flagship, but the Samsung Note 10 is getting a Lite version too.

According to a new report, Samsung’s SM-N770F is being branded as the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, the firm will be bringing this to Europe with two colour options; red and black. This would be a cheaper Note 10 aimed at more budget-friendly users, much like the Galaxy S10e.

It’s not entirely clear what cuts the device will have to earn its Lite monicker. The Note 10 is already seen as a heavy cutdown version of the Note 10 Plus. Samsung may take away the stylus, through that wouldn’t be much of a Note. The screen resolution may drop, but the Note 10 already has a FullHD screen and not the 1440p display. Less RAM may make it unworthy of the Note name, and so on. Samsung has so many phones out that it’s hard to figure out exactly who the Note 10 Lite would be aimed at that isn’t currently being served.

The Galaxy Note 10 Lite may release within the coming months, though Samsung may aim to seed this device before the Galaxy S11 so as not to dilute its brands and confuse buyers.

Source: Sammobile