Samsung Galaxy S9 camera may be able to record video at 1080p at 480fps

Just a week ago, we saw the retail boxes of the upcoming flagships from Samsung, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus being leaked online. One of the mainly highlighting features that we saw there was the Super Slow-mo video recording feature. There were rumours and expectations that the 2017 flagships will have some slow-mo magic but it was topped at 60fps at maximum limit. But this might be changing with the S9 flagship duo.

Samsung’s new ISOCELL Bright line sensor features a 3-stack Fast Readout Sensor. The speciality of this feature is that it can capture a video of a resolution of 1080p at 480fps. Talking about the competition, Sony’s camera can do slow-mo at 960fps which is double of what Samsung is doing but Sony has a resolution limit of 720p which is a plus point for Samsung. Secondly, the 960fps slow-mo can be done for 1/5th of a second but we still don’t know about the duration of the Samsung sensor.

Additionally, this Bright sensor comes with a Tetra cell Technology i.e. small 0.9µm pixels improved the sensitivity in low light. You also get features like Dual Pixel AF and Super Phase Detection but that is generally used for thin bezel-less phones mainly. We don’t have high expectations from Samsung to use it in the new flagships but we can predict that they will use the similar 3=stack design.

Via : GSMArena