Samsung Galaxy S22 battery capacity revealed

by Surur
September 29, 2021

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There have been rumours that Samsung will release the Samsung Galaxy S22 during the holidays, which may explain why we are already seeing components for the device being leaked by certification authorities.

The South Korean certification agency has published details of the battery that will be ending up in the Samsung Galaxy S22, EB-BS901ABY. That battery will be ending up in handset SM-S901B, the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy S22.

Surprisingly the rated battery capacity is a rather small 3,590mAh, and its typical capacity is 3,700mAh, 300 mAh less than the Samsung Galaxy S21’s 4,000mAh battery.

SamMobile notes the smaller S22 screen (6.06 inch vs 6.2 inches) and more power-efficient Exynos 2200 processor may make the difference moot, but there is of course no guarantee of this.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is expected otherwise to have a triple-camera setup (including a 50 MP main camera), stereo speakers, an IP68 rating and 25W fast charging.

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